Are you in the FOG?

I was driving to work this morning. It was foggy as is common for this time of year. Freezing fog, cold, somewhat depressing, obscuring my vision. Then, turning a corner, I saw the sun. I could look right at it through the fog without hurting my eyes. It was just a huge circle of lighter gray in the dark gray day. I could not feel its warmth, it did not shine its light to make the world a more beautiful place, it was barely visible. Then a thought occurred to me-

Change “sun” to “Son” and that was my life this morning. Fog is keeping me from feeling His warmth, seeing the beauty of creation, experiencing joy instead of depression. Fog makes everything blah, gray, boring, not lovely. There is barely a reflection on the pond outside my office window. The trees that line the bank are just standing there. Everything seems to be in stasis, waiting for the sun to shine. I’m thinking that is me- blah, gray, boring, not lovely, no reflection of Christ in my life, everything at a standstill, waiting… I need the fog to lift. What is the fog in my life?

Stress, burn-out, fatigue, illness, ungratefulness, a lack of humility, and a wrong focus. The fog in my life that is keeping me from seeing the Son is busyness. I’m very busy right now- there is too much for me to do in a day, I’m always behind and my To-Do list is long. Maybe that’s why I’ve been ill for almost a month. God is trying to allow me time to rest in Him but I am pushing on in my own strength, coming to work when I’m ill, and trying to do it all. The Son is there, I can still see Him, but I’m not feeling/seeing His care because of the fog.

So, I’m writing this instead of crossing more things off my To-Do list, instead of “working,” instead of looking at my Inboxes, instead of filing, instead of re-creating my schedule for the umpteenth time, instead of everything. I’m going to end this blog and read the Word. I’m going to sit here at my desk and focus not on me and all the things I have to do, but on Him and all the things He has done and still wants to do in my life. Now wouldn’t it be one of those so-called “little” miracles if when I finish reading and praying that the fog is lifted not only from my spiritual life but also outside my window?

And know that I’ll be praying for you, too. I hope whatever your fog is that it will be lifted so you can find the Son shining in your life.