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by MichelleB

Are you in the FOG? I was driving to work this morning. It was foggy as is common for this time of year. Freezing fog, cold, somewhat depressing, obscuring my vision. Then, turning a corner, I saw the sun. I could look right at it through the fog without hurting my eyes. It was just […]

Sacrifice and altars

by MichelleB

So, yesterday I started a reading plan with YouVersion called 21 Day Fast. I don’t think I agree with the whole focus of this plan, which is good because I start to investigate when I’m uncomfortable. I don’t see anything really wrong with it, and perhaps it will get better… But today, Day 2, it […]

Depressed Christians

by admin

It saddens me to hear that people experiencing depression often face judgment or alienation from the people in their church. What could be the most loving and logical place to turn for help doesn’t feel that way for many depressed individuals. Instead, they think, or have already experienced, that sharing their struggles with their church […]